We create connected workplaces with people orbiting digital and innovation that help each other succeed faster.

What we do

Nana Space bring together the Nana Bianca universe in physical locations. Internally we have a Startup Studio, an acceleration program, a factory that help large organizations collaborate with small startups and a digital school.

Externally there are many collaboration partners – Clients, venture capitalists and supporters of various kinds.
We are linked to a long legacy of designing and bringing alive business in Italy and beyond.

How do we do it

At Nana Space action is king. We love it when we are able to create value quickly for customers, users and the locations where we operate - this means also being flexible and adaptable.

As a community we share, collaborate, learn and build our future with a good dose of lightness.

Our story

Nana Space was created when Nana Bianca’s Startup Studio started to grow. Startups in our space needed flexible solutions as their teams grew and services that helped them focus on what really matter.

Soon after we started attracting a larger community of business, talent and people that support wellbeing and business growth. We are providing space and services that make you able to focus on your business and give your workplace worries to us.